i mag i na tion #AtoZchallenge

Full of imagination that’s me.

Someone recently said I had the most imagination of anyone they knew.  Wasn’t that lovely?  I did wonder at their level of acquaintances.  I have lots of friends with more imagination than I do and love them for it.

What is imagination?  Can you qualify or quantify it?  If you do, how do you do it?

I was once sat in a room full of people and know that a few of us had the same idea at the same time.  One said it first.  Did their imagination come up with that or was there someone else in the room who did and they ‘heard’ it?  Or, did the collective energies of a group of people all working together at the same time do it and one which was less involved in that energy was able to articulate it?  That’s the sort of thing I imagine these days.

Hmm.. that would be a good premise in a novel.  You ‘heard’ it here first.

What do you imagine?

How’s your imagination doing and how do you cultivate it?

Do you want to?

Imagine that….

i mag i na tion

‘an imagining; power of forming pictures in the mind of things not present to the senses.’

Now follow the AtoZchallenge road where you’ll find over 1800 bloggers busy using their imagination.


20 thoughts on “i mag i na tion #AtoZchallenge

  1. I wish children would use their imagination more, all I hear is ‘I’m bored, can I watch tv?’. They can’t just play like I used to when I was little. Drives me crazy!

  2. I think everyone is imaginative…some articulate it better and so we think they are imaginative…..some are just not so imaginative as others!

    Children are still imaginative! Matthew never shuts up about whats in his head! Long may it remain!!

    • I agree that everyone is imaginative. Some may not ‘exercise’ it, or be ‘allowed’ to.
      It might help if they’re surrounded by people who actively use their imagination constantly as your children are.
      Great to see you here!

  3. Imagination is a funny thing, isn’t it. Everybody has it–even the ‘bored’ children who just want to watch TV–but it can lay dormant, or refuse to be drawn. I find adversity is a great prompter of imagination. No, you can’t watch TV. No, you can’t have that toy, make something else up instead! As for my own imagination… well, that does run wild most of the time. So there you have it. 🙂 Great post, as always, Lynne!

  4. I used to be told I had lots. But when forced to play with small children I am amazed at the scenarios they come up with. I’m brain dead in comparison. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

    • yes when I’m with children it makes me realise how little I allow myself to explore the full realms of my imaginative world.
      I’ve seen you elsewhere and glad you managed to find and comment on mine.
      Good luck with your visiting challenge.

  5. Yes Imagination is truly something to be “exercised” to help it “grow” I have learned this while working with my GIrls group at church! The more our project allows them to b expressive the wider they will create and expand their vision of the project. Each child has a different vision (image) for the completed project. I LOVE it!

    Thanks for the imaginative thoughts

    All the best with the AtoZ challenge

    • Ooh co-host visit! Thanks for all your hard work as a co-host Damyanti and for comment ‘coool’ eh? That’s good. I’m finding it a bit up and down. Definitely challenging but enjoyable too. I’ll be glad when z is on-line and probably sad at the same time.

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