Knitting needle #AtoZchallenge

I assume my mum taught me to knit or maybe my sisters or grandmother.  Truth is I don’t recall, but I do remember wearing one of my creations when my dad was in hospital, he asked me to wear something bright and cheerful.  It doesn’t see the light of day now but it does get worn often in the house when I need something comforting, warm and fun.  I doubt I had a pattern.  By the look of it I designed it myself.

I’ve got mums knittingneedles.  They’re all over 40 years old now and still look expectant of what they might knit in the future.  They don’t get used much by me as I tend to go for chunkier needles, I get impatient and want my knitting to grow quickly.

Knitting seems to be taking off again, people are doing it everywhere.  There’s a group I go to in one of the pubs in town where most of us knit and chat, it’s a wonderful skill.  These days I just knit scarves that rarely get finished.. It’s the process of knitting I enjoy.  The restful contemplation I can do while my hands are busy in a repetitive behaviour (stop it.. I can hear the sniggles from here..).

If I was following a pattern or trying to complete something I don’t think I’d have the same peace of mind that I get with what I do now.  Knitting is a tool I use to allow my mind the reflective space it needs.

Do you knit?

Would you wear something I knitted for you?

Knitting needle,

‘one of a pair of long needles used in knitting.’

(Have I misunderstood the dictionary? because of the way it’s written maybe it’s not one word.. hmm.. oops.. Too late now.. 😉

Knit along now to the AtoZchallenge to find out what other K’s of delight they have in store


8 thoughts on “Knitting needle #AtoZchallenge

  1. I did knot when I was younger and still have the same kneedles. Sometimes if I’m in the mood I do a little. I would love a knitting group because sometimes you need some help with a pattern and as my mum’s not here now it would help.

    • I’m assuming you meant knit not knot? Ooh I could have made a knit knot know knew toungue twister instead!
      You might have a knitting group in your area or you could set one up. Ours is all things handmade that was set up by one woman posting on facebook I think then a few just turned up and told others. Now it’s weekly and there’s usually 5-15 turn up.

  2. I don’t knit. But I had learned how to crochet! I’ve been told that it’s much easier and versatile in comparison. Would I wear something that you’ve knitted? It depends what it is. I don’t do sweaters, but if you could make it cute enough, I just might! 😉

    A to Z co-host

    • OOh! a co-host visited again. Thank for all the hard work you’re doing Elizabeth. I only learnt to crochet recently and have done a blanket using one big granny square. I loved it but do not feel confident making anything else yet.

  3. I do knit, and yes I would wear something you’d knitted. Like you, I don’t remember not being able to knit. As a young woman I made my own sweaters, but funnily enough when I got back into knitting after a 20-year gap (kids!) I developed a craze for making little lace shawls. There’s something relaxing about the lace repeats…

    • oh ok maybe I’ll have a go at lace then. Only done lace on my machine. Yes I went through a phase of knitting everything on the machine.. That was repetitive too and churned lace tops out quickly. I could do a front or back in 2 hrs!

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