leg-of-mut ton #AtoZchallenge

As a woman getting older I’m always a little conscious that I don’t want anyone to comment that I look like Mutton dressed as lamb.  When I saw leg-of-mutton in the dictionary I decided to ditch the piece I wrote about ‘Wild orchid whose flower looks somewhat like a slipper’.

I just loved reading ‘leg-of-mut ton, Having the shape of a leg of mutton; wide at one end and narrow at the other’. Yes that’s me these days.  I convince myself I’m thin and lythe but who am I kidding?  That’s my inner beauty talking not this rather overweight one that still has ankles to die for and thighs that could be eaten.

I decided a rather unflattering picture of my leg would be appropriate and presumably have a cringe factor or a smile or both?  I don’t know, you tell me.

leg-of-mut ton

‘having the shape of a leg of mutton; wide at one end and narrow at the other’.

Now leg it over to the AtoZChallenge to see what other legs are awaiting you.. (sorry, I can’t help it, I must have a week 2 thing going on).


19 thoughts on “leg-of-mut ton #AtoZchallenge

  1. whooop whooop, nice legs, Lynne! Made me laugh, great post, thanks! I think your message is a lovely one though: ageing gracefully and with a sense of humour is vital! How’s this for a statistic: from age 40, a woman’s appetite is said to increase by 67% while her metabolism slows right down. Why, thank you, mother nature. Going large is kind of the only way to go then, right? Leg of mutton, here I come!

    • Thanks Kimberly, I’ve just enjoyed reading all of your AtoZ. what you doing here? get that manuscript written! The top of my legs are much bigger than yours.. You’re dancing yours away.. Thanks for popping by.

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