Mag nil o quence; Mon o chro mat ic #AtoZchallenge

Mag nil o quence

‘High-flown, lofty style of speaking or writing; use of big and unusual words, elaborate phrases, etc’

Is that what my mum hoped I’d be, by using our dictionary to teach me words of 13 letters or more?  Mum died before I became a teenager, and it’s a shame she didn’t get the chance to continue that practice.  These days I pride myself in being clear and concise (in my writing), normally using few and short words.  Wait for O though.. and I’m working on T, there will be some magniloquence going on there I hope.  tee hee

Another M I have more affinity to than magniloquence is:

Mon o chro mat ic

‘Of one colour only’

Whilst I am a colourful person and love colour I am drawn to images of one colour only and my own shadow flower paintings show that.  I love shadows.  I love that by different shades of one colour you can see depth and a whole story.

Whilst my shadow flower paintings are monochromatic to me, relooking at them, they aren’t really..  They are actually two as they have a background colour.  I have wondered about painting them in two shades of one colour which would be truly monochromatic and be more true to a shadow too.  (I’ve had a go at painting my tulips, now out in my garden, in 2 shades of one colour.  Is that monochromatic?)

Are you colourful or monochromatic?

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