o ver whelm ing ob i ter dic tums? #AtoZchallenge

There were a lot of o’s I could have written about.  Was there an overwhelming number?  No, otherwise there would be no post but I think many of us get overwhelmed at all sorts of things.  I wanted to be optimistic in my writings.

Occasional obstructive obstetricians are offenceless.

Officially the octahedral oil painting was obsolescent to the optometrist.

The observational skills of the orang-utang (yes this spelling is in my dictionary) are obligatory to oceanography.

I could go on with my obiterdictums.

Lots more long o words:






I do hope you’re not objurgatory of this post… (the spell checker’s having a field day with this one but they’re all in my dictionary so they’re not getting changed…)

o ver whelm ing

‘too many, too great, or too much to be resisted;’

ob i ter dic tum

‘incidental statement.’

ob jur ga to ry

‘Vehemently reproachful; upbraiding; berating.’

overwhelming o’s on A-Zchallenge