par lia ment #AtoZchallenge

I could have written about Peterborough, about the wonderful cathedral, about how I got followed by the turtle sanctuary (the one in another Peterborough) about how there are many Peterborough’s in the world.  About how I live in a lovely little house with a fab garden on an industrial estate.. (very surreal).  However, that word’s not in my dictionary and there’s another place I love and wanted to write about more.  Parliament!

Ok.. got you going?  You probably guessed by the pic.. Here’s my homage to big ben.  I’m sure I’d get around to blogging about him one day and I will make no apologies when I do so again.  What can I say, I do love big ben, can’t help it.  They’ve changed the walls around the tube but there was a time when you came out of Westminster station and I’m sure you could touch the walls then look up and realise you were touching him.

That might just be a dreamed memory.  I do like taking people out of the tube that way as it is amazing how close you are without realising it’s him immediately.  Regardless of what you feel about history or parliament or anything else it is a wonderful landmark and is just stunning to be near.  It’s weird how buildings can take on a life of their own.

Is this me being sentimental?

par lia ment

‘Council or congress that is the highest law-making body of a country.’

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