? #AtoZchallenge

I’ve put a lot of questions on my blog.  You’ve commented on some and many are unanswered, at least in print, but I guess many who read my ramblings are left questioning themselves.  Insightful someone said of my blog.  My dictionary only has insight – penetration; clear or shrewd understanding.

If I question you with a clear understanding I’m very pleased.

Is there a downside to my theme?

Is there a mistake in my dictionary?

The typeface is justified.  The words are split to show how to speak them but question mark is written as that ‘question mark’.

Should it have been written as que stion mark?

Have I found an error in the dictionary?

Alas no.  Where the first word is already written as in que stion the next time it’s written as in question mark it’s without breaks.

Should I pick another word?

Perhaps one that really is 10 letters or more.

Would you have preferred quadratics or something quadragesimal?

Did you know a quadrillion has 9 more 0’s in Great Britain than it has in France or theUSA?

Is that where the bankers went wrong?

Should I drop the questions at the end of my posts?

What do you think?

Should I keep the questions?

Do you need quiescence?

question mark

‘mark put after a question in writing or printing’

quad ra ges i mal

‘of or during Lent.’

qui es cence

‘quietness; stillness; motionlessness; absence of activity.’

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