re spir a to ry #AtoZchallenge

I really wanted to write about romance as I’m so good at it.. (yeah, right..I do try though) romance is not 10 letters.. hmm… shame.  Respiratory it is then..

Last year I convinced myself I was dying.  Yes self diagnosis is a strong point of mine.  Since I was dying why should I bother with relationships or anything else come to that.  Oh, I was cheery enough most of you who know me probably never noticed..  You did?  Oops, sorry!  Well I was just waiting for the day when I didn’t wake up..

This went on for a few weeks until I confided in a friend who threatened me unless I went to the doctors.  How can you threaten someone who thinks they’re dying..  Well, I didn’t want to show I had no sense of responsibility and went to the doctors.  Blood pressure borderline but ok.  Then the doctor said ‘you do know you’ve got a chest infection?’.  Oops.. 😉  I’d self diagnosed heart problems from chest infection symptoms.. oh well, she decided to take full bloods while I was there it appears I’m very healthy..

I decided I’d better get back to living, then came a chance encounter which led to me blogging and then to this lynnelives blog and then to AtoZ challenge.  Where will my respiratory tract lead me next I wonder?

How’s your respiratory organs?

Do you have a tendancy for self-diagnosis?

re spir a to ry

‘pertaining to or used for breathing.’

Take a deep breath and plunge into the AtoZChallenge blogs.