re spir a to ry #AtoZchallenge

I really wanted to write about romance as I’m so good at it.. (yeah, right..I do try though) romance is not 10 letters.. hmm… shame.  Respiratory it is then..

Last year I convinced myself I was dying.  Yes self diagnosis is a strong point of mine.  Since I was dying why should I bother with relationships or anything else come to that.  Oh, I was cheery enough most of you who know me probably never noticed..  You did?  Oops, sorry!  Well I was just waiting for the day when I didn’t wake up..

This went on for a few weeks until I confided in a friend who threatened me unless I went to the doctors.  How can you threaten someone who thinks they’re dying..  Well, I didn’t want to show I had no sense of responsibility and went to the doctors.  Blood pressure borderline but ok.  Then the doctor said ‘you do know you’ve got a chest infection?’.  Oops.. 😉  I’d self diagnosed heart problems from chest infection symptoms.. oh well, she decided to take full bloods while I was there it appears I’m very healthy..

I decided I’d better get back to living, then came a chance encounter which led to me blogging and then to this lynnelives blog and then to AtoZ challenge.  Where will my respiratory tract lead me next I wonder?

How’s your respiratory organs?

Do you have a tendancy for self-diagnosis?

re spir a to ry

‘pertaining to or used for breathing.’

Take a deep breath and plunge into the AtoZChallenge blogs.


16 thoughts on “re spir a to ry #AtoZchallenge

    • I hope so Teresa but I did have suspected chicken pox last week so maybe not.. Well done for not self diagnosing. Yes it’s amazing what it led to which is good. got me out of my comfort zone and given me a new comfort zone I never thought possible. That’s a brilliant result! Need to get the books edited and onto the next comfort zone..

    • I’ve had 2 chest infections in the past 6 months.. Must be run down. Where’s those mineral and vitamin filled foods.. purple sprouting broccoli’s appeared in my garden. You can just taste the iron in it! Organic too! Anything in my garden has to fend for itself!

  1. Youch! I’ve self diagnosed before too and I’ll tell you what, Web MD is scary! I had pulmonary embolisms nine years ago and after that never mess with lung or chest issues. The first sign of a breathing issue and I am at the nearest ER. Yeah…I’m a bit neurotic about it now! 🙂

    We are both doing so well in the challenge!! Keep it up neighbor! 🙂

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