Si ne cur ist #AtoZchallenge

This one got me thinking.. what is an easy job?  Is a job requiring little work easy?  How many of us really can take a lot of money for little work?  Oh we all dream of winning the lottery.  That’s not what I’m talking about.

When I’ve been in roles that weren’t full and challenging   I’ve really struggled.  I’ve never heard of sinecure (the spell checker has) and wonder if it’s true for anyone.

Could you be a sinecurist?

If you could would you become a skirmisher or get up to some slanderous skulduggery?

Thinking on, I would like a sinecure if I could spend all of my spare time doing my hobbies.  That would work!  Why did I assume being a Sinecurist meant having to work 9-5?

si ne cur ist

‘Person who has a sinecure

in case that doesn’t help…

si ne cure

‘extremely easy job; position requiring little or no work and usually paying well.’

Pop and see what s also stands for on AtoZchallenge blogs.


8 thoughts on “Si ne cur ist #AtoZchallenge

    • I’m coming round to the idea that it might not be so bad after all if I then got time to spend the money and do some amazing things with the money and spare time. Like pay off my mortgage.. how sad am I?..

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