toi let ry pl. –ies #AtoZchallenge

T’s been tormenting!  You nearly got tintinabulation (the ringing of bells)!  In the end, I asked twitter pals to help.  Two words tumbled out triggering me to touchtype!  Temperature and toiletries.

Last week I was ill again (if you’ve been reading since I started blogging in January you’ll know I’ve had a few colds already this year).  This time I had a fever and was thankful when I found an unused thermometer, in my first aid drawer, which I must have bought years ago.  Luckily I was able to hunker down and recover at home with my thermometer for a friend!

A Twitter pal suggested a nice hot bath which I duly had, daily, using toiletries I got at Christmas.  Toiletries are things you either love getting for presents or not, if you are particular about what you use.  I’m not particular in the least and love trying new things.

I don’t need any more soap for a while (just in case you were thinking I might).  The bath bombs I got last Christmas all got used up last week while I was trying to recover from my cold.  They were wonderful and fun with the foaming bouncing balls and amazing colours appearing from plain looking concoctions.  One of them made my skin feel so luxurious afterwards (I must get more of those).

Posing my toiletries, for their picture, in the old picnic hamper they’re kept in, I met some old friends, who don’t get used that much these days, including the wonderful massage oil.. memories came flooding back.. ooh.. err.. Not here, missus..

What toiletries do you have ample of?

Which ones do you crave as presents?

When did you last have a fever?

toi let ry pl. –ies

‘soap, face powder, perfumery, or other article for the toilet.’

toi let

‘process of dressing.  Bathing, combing the hair, and putting on one’s clothes are all parts of one’s toilet.’

tem per a ture

‘degree of heat or cold.’

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