Ver i sim i li tude #AtoZchallenge

As I near the end of April, I wanted to post one wondrous word of 13 letters or more.  If there had been enough big words in my dictionary the whole month would have been filled with wondrous words like verisimilitude.

Most of the words I’ve posted are ones I’ve known and felt I could write about without too much research.  I wanted them to be understandable, truthful and real.  Little did I know I wanted them to have a verisimilitude.  Or have I misunderstood its meaning?  If something has an appearance of truth does that mean it might not be? Hmm..

As I get to the end of my AtoZ I will allow a little reflection on my theme.  Verisimilitude is one of the words mum would have loved to read, teach me and my sisters and talk to us about.  Verisimilitude.  We would have laughed as we tried to spell it and remember it.  Verisimilitude.  Don’t you just want to say it over and over?  I love it!

Look in a mirror. What do you see?

Ver i sim i li tude

‘Appearance of truth or reality’

Do the other AtoZchallenge blogs have an appearance of truth or reality?