wool gath er ing #AtoZchallenge

There’s a woolgathering in my shed or should that be a gathering of wool?  Don’t you just love this word?  I’d never heard of it before today.  It jumped out at me as I was pouring over my dictionary.  The one that’s been churning out my theme of words of 10 letters or more.  I LOVE wool and all things wool.

There’s a Woolfest that happens once a year in Cumbria.  It’s the most wonderful event though I keep getting distracted with other things. Peterborough holds it’s heritage festival the same weekend and this year I agreed to participate in Peterborough Artists Open Studios before realising it was the same weekend.  Next year.  Next year I will spend a weekend of June in Cumbria again surrounded by wool and all things woollen marvelling at the fleeces and the sheep and the skills of everyone.

If someone’s woolgathering whilst they appear to be inattentive of what you might be saying they may be very attentive to something wonderfully creative.  I think I’ve been gathering wool or should that be woolgathering all of my life and proud to have been so.

 wool gath er ing

‘1. Inattentive; absent-minded; dreamy.’

‘2. Absent-mindedness; absorption in thinking or day-dreaming.’

Go a woolgathering around the AtoZChallenge