yachts man ship #AtoZchallenge

There are very few words beginning in y of 10 or more letters and this one called to me.  Perhaps it was the ocean calling or a long lost love.  Every time I watch a film where they’re pootling along in a little yacht and sailing, I wish I lived somewhere I could do that and have my own boat.  I do not have yachtsmanship but do have a yearning to have some.

Perhaps that will be my challenge for the next year.  Find somewhere to learn how to sail a yacht.  Get some yachtsmanship.

Do you have yachtsmanship?

Want to teach me?

yachts man ship

‘skill or ability in handling a yacht.’

The rest of the AtoZchallenge bloggers are yearning to see you.


12 thoughts on “yachts man ship #AtoZchallenge

  1. I have no yachtsmanship, although I do play yahtzee. My father probably had yachtsmanship.
    His first ‘boat’ was a fish box which he took out into the bay. Next the box was chopped up by
    his father to use as kindling. Stopping by from A to Z

  2. The first, last and only time I was on a yacht, I got VERY seasick…of course I was only 10-12. LOL! BTW, your prompt for Y is live today!

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