zo o log i cal #AtoZchallenge

Warning – there’s a pic. of a large spider on me so please leave now if you’re an arachnophobic.

I am zoological.  What can I say, it’s my very being.  I was born, bred, learnt and grew zoologically speaking.  My parents worked in a Zoo and I was passionate about species conservation when few knew what the words nature conservation meant.  I’ve always cared about the natural world, particularly animals, though I am becoming a bit more botanical as I grow.

There are times when I’ve hidden, I think, from my past, particularly when surrounded by people who do not have a similar background or understanding of what the zoo world is like.  After doing Zoology at University my Dad asked if I was going to get a proper job when I was working nights in a works social club and doing nature conservation volunteering during the day.  I wrote to a few zoos asking about jobs to show willing and was shocked when London called my bluff and offered me a job as zoo keeper.  That’s how I remember it.

I’m sure they must have interviewed me and I would have had references..  That’s what set me off on my wonderful life and has led me to Peterborough.. hmm… My choices(ish) at ever turn.  Whilst I live on my own, I have wonderful friends and family, a great job (comments here my own..) and amazing memories.

Now, in my fifties, I look back over my zoological life with pleasure and want to compliment all those who helped make this life of mine.

Not forgetting those new friends who encouraged me to blog and those who helped and supported me while I prepared for and participated in this AtoZ Challenge.  It’s been my first (may be my last) and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

To all of you, whatever differences we may have had,

what ups and downs we may have shared.

The wonderful memories shine out.

It’s my life.

Zoological through and through,

I wouldn’t change one moment of it.


I knew I should have done A is for aardvark..

I knew one once.

zo o log i cal

‘1. of animals and animal life.  2. having to do with zoology.’

Your final chance to see ‘live’ blog specimens on the AtoZchallenge.


10 thoughts on “zo o log i cal #AtoZchallenge

  1. I did write an A is for Aardvaark post!
    I’m very zoological, me. Love critters of all sorts and sizes; my brother is in insect fiend, butterflies and moths his speciality.

    • Hi Viv. I’ll have to pop by and look at your Aardvark post. I’m designing butterfly silk paintings. Not anatomically correct but hoping people will be able to identify them ish. Thanks for popping by.

  2. You got offered a job at LONDON ZOO!? Wow! I’ve always been big on animals myself, but my parents nudged me towards medical sciences instead. Would have LOVED a job involving working with animals!

    What a journey this Challenge has been. It’s been a gas, but I’m glad everything is settling down now so I can go back to work on my WiP…

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

    • Only worked there for 4 years a long time ago. I’ve got another challenge (arty one) before I can concentrate on my WIP. yes it’s been a trek that’s true. You’ve done brilliantly though. Every blog I go to you’ve already comented on! Well done you!

  3. Well, I learned something about you today. I’ll try and picture you in the zoo… My boys would be so fascinated, especially my little one, who wants to be either a zoo keeper or a vet. Congratulations on finishing the AtoZ challenge, you’ve done fantastically way and I enjoyed the journey. XX

    • Thanks for being there along the way Nicky. Glad you enjoyed it. You’ve been a great support. Comments show you someone’s reading it! You can participate next year you know! hmm.. zoo keeper or vet.. Interesting choice. They’re so different really. Most vets are domestic. He could try for a zoo vet. That would join the two. xx

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