par lia ment #AtoZchallenge

I could have written about Peterborough, about the wonderful cathedral, about how I got followed by the turtle sanctuary (the one in another Peterborough) about how there are many Peterborough’s in the world.  About how I live in a lovely little house with a fab garden on an industrial estate.. (very surreal).  However, that word’s not in my dictionary and there’s another place I love and wanted to write about more.  Parliament!

Ok.. got you going?  You probably guessed by the pic.. Here’s my homage to big ben.  I’m sure I’d get around to blogging about him one day and I will make no apologies when I do so again.  What can I say, I do love big ben, can’t help it.  They’ve changed the walls around the tube but there was a time when you came out of Westminster station and I’m sure you could touch the walls then look up and realise you were touching him.

That might just be a dreamed memory.  I do like taking people out of the tube that way as it is amazing how close you are without realising it’s him immediately.  Regardless of what you feel about history or parliament or anything else it is a wonderful landmark and is just stunning to be near.  It’s weird how buildings can take on a life of their own.

Is this me being sentimental?

par lia ment

‘Council or congress that is the highest law-making body of a country.’

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o ver whelm ing ob i ter dic tums? #AtoZchallenge

There were a lot of o’s I could have written about.  Was there an overwhelming number?  No, otherwise there would be no post but I think many of us get overwhelmed at all sorts of things.  I wanted to be optimistic in my writings.

Occasional obstructive obstetricians are offenceless.

Officially the octahedral oil painting was obsolescent to the optometrist.

The observational skills of the orang-utang (yes this spelling is in my dictionary) are obligatory to oceanography.

I could go on with my obiterdictums.

Lots more long o words:






I do hope you’re not objurgatory of this post… (the spell checker’s having a field day with this one but they’re all in my dictionary so they’re not getting changed…)

o ver whelm ing

‘too many, too great, or too much to be resisted;’

ob i ter dic tum

‘incidental statement.’

ob jur ga to ry

‘Vehemently reproachful; upbraiding; berating.’

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N is for… #AtoZchallenge

“You wrote about nutrition.”

“I know.”

“You were going to share your experience of what happened and what you had to deal with when you confronted your doctor.”

“I know.”

“Then you changed it to deal with why you must be so run down.  You keep getting these colds.”

“I know.”

“Explain what happened to me, I don’t understand.  Where’s the post on nutritional?”

“I looked at some blogs.”

“Ok.  We’re getting somewhere.  Then what?”

“One of them wanted to see my butterfly silk paintings.”

“Why didn’t you just send them an email?”

“I needed something a bit different for n.  Nutritional seemed a bit boring, not really me.. the first post of the second half of the challenge should be a bit different.”

“Did you check the dictionary?”

“Yes, but nothing jumped out.  Then I thought you might listen to me if I explained that I really wanted to show this picture.”

“Of course I’ll listen.”

“So can I?”

“Can you what?”

“Can I post a painting of a butterfly I did some time ago instead of my post about nutritional, even though I can’t come up with any link to n?”

“Hmm nutritional or arty butterfly painting? Tough choice.”


“Wasn’t that clear enough?  Yes you can.”

“Thank you.”

How often do you have a negotiation with yourself to justify something you want to do?

There’s a lot of n’s in Antennae and butterfly’s have antennae so does that count?

ne go ti a tion

‘a negotiating; arrangement.’

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Mag nil o quence; Mon o chro mat ic #AtoZchallenge

Mag nil o quence

‘High-flown, lofty style of speaking or writing; use of big and unusual words, elaborate phrases, etc’

Is that what my mum hoped I’d be, by using our dictionary to teach me words of 13 letters or more?  Mum died before I became a teenager, and it’s a shame she didn’t get the chance to continue that practice.  These days I pride myself in being clear and concise (in my writing), normally using few and short words.  Wait for O though.. and I’m working on T, there will be some magniloquence going on there I hope.  tee hee

Another M I have more affinity to than magniloquence is:

Mon o chro mat ic

‘Of one colour only’

Whilst I am a colourful person and love colour I am drawn to images of one colour only and my own shadow flower paintings show that.  I love shadows.  I love that by different shades of one colour you can see depth and a whole story.

Whilst my shadow flower paintings are monochromatic to me, relooking at them, they aren’t really..  They are actually two as they have a background colour.  I have wondered about painting them in two shades of one colour which would be truly monochromatic and be more true to a shadow too.  (I’ve had a go at painting my tulips, now out in my garden, in 2 shades of one colour.  Is that monochromatic?)

Are you colourful or monochromatic?

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leg-of-mut ton #AtoZchallenge

As a woman getting older I’m always a little conscious that I don’t want anyone to comment that I look like Mutton dressed as lamb.  When I saw leg-of-mutton in the dictionary I decided to ditch the piece I wrote about ‘Wild orchid whose flower looks somewhat like a slipper’.

I just loved reading ‘leg-of-mut ton, Having the shape of a leg of mutton; wide at one end and narrow at the other’. Yes that’s me these days.  I convince myself I’m thin and lythe but who am I kidding?  That’s my inner beauty talking not this rather overweight one that still has ankles to die for and thighs that could be eaten.

I decided a rather unflattering picture of my leg would be appropriate and presumably have a cringe factor or a smile or both?  I don’t know, you tell me.

leg-of-mut ton

‘having the shape of a leg of mutton; wide at one end and narrow at the other’.

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Knitting needle #AtoZchallenge

I assume my mum taught me to knit or maybe my sisters or grandmother.  Truth is I don’t recall, but I do remember wearing one of my creations when my dad was in hospital, he asked me to wear something bright and cheerful.  It doesn’t see the light of day now but it does get worn often in the house when I need something comforting, warm and fun.  I doubt I had a pattern.  By the look of it I designed it myself.

I’ve got mums knittingneedles.  They’re all over 40 years old now and still look expectant of what they might knit in the future.  They don’t get used much by me as I tend to go for chunkier needles, I get impatient and want my knitting to grow quickly.

Knitting seems to be taking off again, people are doing it everywhere.  There’s a group I go to in one of the pubs in town where most of us knit and chat, it’s a wonderful skill.  These days I just knit scarves that rarely get finished.. It’s the process of knitting I enjoy.  The restful contemplation I can do while my hands are busy in a repetitive behaviour (stop it.. I can hear the sniggles from here..).

If I was following a pattern or trying to complete something I don’t think I’d have the same peace of mind that I get with what I do now.  Knitting is a tool I use to allow my mind the reflective space it needs.

Do you knit?

Would you wear something I knitted for you?

Knitting needle,

‘one of a pair of long needles used in knitting.’

(Have I misunderstood the dictionary? because of the way it’s written maybe it’s not one word.. hmm.. oops.. Too late now.. 😉

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Jol li fi ca tion #AtoZchallenge

As I walked by the local theatre I looked into one of the rooms and giggled.  It’s glass and you can see everything inside.  The room was empty but to me it had a group of people doing weird mimes while others watched laughing.

I giggled at the laughs I’ve had in that room.  Although we all knew it was glass and everyone could look in, we were so engrossed in what we were doing to notice.  Occasionally, I would wonder what on earth anyone, outside looking in, thought was going on.

We were having Improvised comedy workshops.  I loved it.  Unfortunately, not enough other people wanted to be trained in how to do Improvised comedy, so the classes didn’t last long, but long enough to leave a lasting impression on me, and a smile and a giggle every time I recall being on a camel that I fell off and landed in camel poo, when a beautiful man gave me his hand, brought me to my feet and married me shortly afterwards… I know, hilarious or what.  It was funny at the time.

You don’t want to know how many balloons I burst before I gave up and put these on the page…

Jol li fi ca tion

‘A merry-making, gay entertainment’

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i mag i na tion #AtoZchallenge

Full of imagination that’s me.

Someone recently said I had the most imagination of anyone they knew.  Wasn’t that lovely?  I did wonder at their level of acquaintances.  I have lots of friends with more imagination than I do and love them for it.

What is imagination?  Can you qualify or quantify it?  If you do, how do you do it?

I was once sat in a room full of people and know that a few of us had the same idea at the same time.  One said it first.  Did their imagination come up with that or was there someone else in the room who did and they ‘heard’ it?  Or, did the collective energies of a group of people all working together at the same time do it and one which was less involved in that energy was able to articulate it?  That’s the sort of thing I imagine these days.

Hmm.. that would be a good premise in a novel.  You ‘heard’ it here first.

What do you imagine?

How’s your imagination doing and how do you cultivate it?

Do you want to?

Imagine that….

i mag i na tion

‘an imagining; power of forming pictures in the mind of things not present to the senses.’

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het er o ge ne ous #AtoZchallenge

My original list of possible H’s, before my theme was words of 10 letters or more from my dictionary, consisted of:

Holy/ Holly/ Hail/ Harry/ Hearing/ Hungry/ Herrings/ Hammers/ Horror/ Hair/ Horny/ Handmade/ Happy/ Horse

Then came:

horse rad ish

‘tall plant of the Cruciferae family, with a white, hot-tasting root that is ground up and used as a relish with meat, oysters, etc.’

hig gle dy-pig gle dy

‘in jumbled confusion.’


het er o ge ne ous

‘different in kind; unlike; not at all similar; varied; miscellaneous; made up of unlike elements or parts.’

It was heterogeneous which got me thinking.

It’s interesting that I’ve never really read this dictionary much before.  Used it many times but never really studied it.  There are many words that have few words to explain them and then there’s heterogeneous with 6 different explanations.  What was it about this word that created that reaction from Thorndike as he compiled my dictionary?  I have no idea and will never know but am intrigued by it.

I’ve never thought too much of H but I love it now!

Happy; Horse; higgledy-piggledy; horseradish; heterogeneous (did you notice I moved the first e? deliberately? Maybe.. maybe not..)  and Hazelnut all go to confirm that H has to be heard!

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Ger mi na tion #AtoZchallenge

How did it get to April?  Each year this happens.  Each year I’m in a different place than the last.  This year Spring came early, then late, a bit like last time.

It got to March and I still hadn’t sowed (is that the right word?) anything.  My tomato and pepper seeds need planting in February and March.  I finally managed to get the seeds out of the shed and have my annual seed day.  I do love that day.  Seed packets everywhere.  Glad that I ate lots of eggs over the winter (I use egg boxes for germination – see what I did there?).

Germination is a time of great anticipation, fun, wonderful expectations, smiles, happiness and a feeling of having nurtured.  (ooh am I broody?  I hope not – too late anyhows.. enough said).  It’s also a worrying time.  Will I water them enough?  Too much?  What if I go away, will they cope?

I love growing my own seeds rather than buying plants although it’s very emotional.  Each year I think I’ll have a year off, go to visit more of my friends, without worrying about my tomatoes or corn or any of the seedlings I might have sown and each year, come April, I’m glad I did a bit of planting.  The holiday and visiting can wait till the plants are out and growing.  Just look at them, aren’t they doing well?  (the pic should be of my seedlings but they’ve not been planted yet.. oops)

What are you germinating?

Ooh is that a bit personal, I don’t mean it to be.  It could be plants like me (when I get planting..) or a book like me or something creative like me..

Ger mi na tion

‘A starting to grow or develop; a sprouting.  Germination takes place when seeds are warm and moist.’