#AtoZchallenge reflections

April AtoZ blogging challenge 2012 reflections

April came and went in a blink of an eye

Blogging became my life, my world, my everything

Commenting, commenting commenting please please do, Ooh, I popped by and forgot to let you know, shame on me

Daily routine went out the window

Easiest task?  Some wrote themselves

Felt love and hate about April AtoZ 2012, more love than hate

Going to do it again?  Never. Not really, well, we’ll see, maybe.. hmm…

Highlights-seeing my writing prompts being used by others & hurdles-trying to comment, enough said…

I am a robot!

Jewels in the crown-those that kept going when they weren’t able to by roping in friends and family, well done you

Knowledge gained, I learnt lots about writing and flash fiction and all sorts of things, it was like flicking through an encyclopaedia

Lee, what would we do without Lee

Mornings spent hoping my blog had miraculously appeared at 00:01each day, it did!

N eventually.. wrote itself and was much loved

‘O idea what possessed me to sign up, never doing it again (hmm.. see g)

Posts that especially moved or impressed me – there were a number, I should have kept a list, those that managed a triple AtoZ were astonishing.  Drat, I should have done an A2Z of Olympics.. how did I miss that one? (britain’s gone Olympics mad)

Quasi is how I felt during the AtoZchallenge

Ruled my life for a month, that’s what April AtoZchallenge 2012 did

Scheduling was a lifesaver when I was ill and took a holiday (not together), I know, how did I have time?  Pre-scheduling was the key, a fantastic invention

Themes, I kept forgetting to say what my theme was, I did like the themes

Underestimating how long it takes to read and comment on blogs, I kept doing that

Verisimilitude, any excuse to repeat that word (very pleased I finished)

Wisdom to pass on, with all the wisdom out there? What can I offer? I’ll need to ponder that one

x-rated posts made me pink

You and me, we’re blogging friends now, yes?



33 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge reflections

  1. Your reflections post gave me a chuckle. I didn’t realize you were running through the alphabet until I was half-way through the post. Excellently executed.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  2. Like Lee, I was halfway through when I realized what you were doing, had to back up and read it again. LOVED IT!!!! So glad we got to meet through A-Z….

    • Many thanks Damyanti.
      Nice getting to know you too.
      Always happy to guest post. Oops you’ve just reminded me I’ve got one overdue. Must do that one first.
      Many thanks for your continued support, comments and of course tireless work as a co-host.

    • Thanks Lily. I read one much funnier. Will have to go find it again now! Tee Hee.. Just realised! It was yours! Yours was way funnier than mine, I loved it!
      As for not working out mine, I’d like to say I planned it that way..

  3. Unlike Lee and Donna, I was well over halfway before I realized you were doing the alphabet, lol. Great post. I missed a bit of your challenge posts, so I’m going to go catch up. Have a great day 🙂

    • Glad you like it. You don’t realise, going in, how much energy keeping on top of comments and reading and commenting on others takes. I hadn’t written all of mine and also decided to ditch and change a few. Chomping at the bit? Never. Not really, well, we’ll see, maybe.. hmm… 😉

  4. Of course we are friends now, I’m following your blog. Congratulations on finishing the challenge, hopefully we will do it again next April!

  5. I too was half way through the post before I realised how clever you were being, well done. I enjoyed your posts through the challenge ,your blog was one I kept returning too. I think we all deserve a pat on the back for getting through it. Half way through I thought I had done the wrong thing by starting but I’m glad I stuck it out.

    • Many thanks Ann. Me, clever? Never conciously! Unconciously maybe, as I had no idea it was that hidden.. I kept returning to yours too. yes, patting on back!

      I had the halfway dips too and like you am glad I stuck it out. Well done us!! xx

  6. Love the continuation of the A-Z with your reflection! I also underestimated the amount of time it takes to read and comment on blogs. I am nowhere near complete with visiting all the blogs.

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