Focus woman focus

This morning I wrote a post which I liked and made me smile.  Why didn’t I publish?  I thought it was embarrassing.  I pondered and probed and sought advice then went for a wander into my garden.  You know, that place that I’ve been neglecting since I started blogging in January.  It’s still there.  Dreadfully overgrown since it didn’t get the pruning it wanted in February.  The greenhouse looked sparse since the seeds didn’t get sown in March.

It just so happened that yesterday I bought a few plants which are now in the greenhouse and I did a bit of sorting.

On the way back I noticed the white lilac flowers are nearly over and the pink lilac flowers smelt so wonderful.  The violets, grape hyacinths and snakes head fritillaries are no longer yet the bluebells are looking resplendent.

Sometimes when we focus on one part of our lives we may neglect another.  It’s all about balance.

This isn’t the post it nearly was a few hours ago.  That one may, one day, get published in a funny book about how a larger woman copes in her 50’s.. one day… in about 10 years time.

For now I’ll focus on my garden and getting fitter.  I have a yoga class today I am looking forward to and I need to find some other plants for my greenhouse.  Focus woman focus!

 What do you need to focus on this day, week, month or even year?