Dawn chorus wake up call

Rarely, these days, do I wake before 6.  This morning I woke at 4am and had to open the window and listen to the amazing dawn chorus of the birds that populate this little space I call home.  There was 20 minutes of a wake up call from 4am and then it paused.

I’ve had another wake up call this week.  Yesterday, I found out that a friend died a few days ago.  Life took us apart from each other many years ago and by chance we’d got back in touch in recent years.  I saw his name in an email chain I received and checked to see if it was the same person.  It was.  We met for breakfast when I had a meeting in the town he lived in and it was as if we’d last seen each other the day before.  Isn’t it wonderful when that happens?  We planned to meet again, yet when he was free I wasn’t and vice versa so that was the last time our diaries were able to collide!

The birds have started singing again though with a different voice.

I cried a lot yesterday and today I’m planning to go visit some new places.

When friends die we need reflection and a renewed enthusiasm in life if it was a little lacking beforehand.  I called this blog lynnelives perhaps because for the last couple of years I’ve been slowing down, taking things a little easier.  It’s probably no surprise that this more hermit lifestyle of mine started when I first got a computer at home and started writing.  It’s a period of my life I’m enjoying but one which has kept me away from many of my friends and whilst I love the chatter of the dawn chorus I do like some chatter myself and must spend more time with friends and family taking in their ‘real-time’ chatter a bit more than the ‘virtual’ chatter of life.

I do want to edit my novels too and keep my blog going..  It’s going to take some will-power to drag me from my nice cosy hibernation out into the dawn chorus of life…

For now, I’ll sit here in my darkened house with the back door open to the gradual lightening of the day, listening to the dawn chorus and send loving thoughts to my friend’s family and to all of my friends and family xxxxxx