Is something happening in Britain this summer?

You’d think something was happening over here soon… 😉

Going shopping these past weeks in Peterborough, I’ve been bombarded with the Union Jack flag everywhere and on everything.  It’s wonderful and I can’t help getting swept along with the excitement.

Biscuits, chocolate, bunting, plates, bread, toilet roll, rugs, headphones, you name it and I can probably find one with a british flag on!

Yes, I gave in.

For the Queens Diamond Jubilee I had to get a new cake stand decorated in red, white and blue bunting and, to show my support for the Olympics, I couldn’t resist 3 rubber ducks bedecked in the designs of a Team GB runner, swimmer and cyclist!  I love them!  (I know, I’ll never grow up)

What is your country celebrating this year?

What bizarre items have you bought which have been produced just for it?