Watching paint dry

It takes hours and hours to paint a silk scarf (I always struggle with spelling this word..).  My way anyhows.

The first ever artists open studios I exhibited in two weeks ago went extremely well (according to other artists, not us, as we had nothing to compare to) that I’m now very excited for this weekend..  My foxglove design was loved, so I’m busy painting a few more.

My new design for this weekend is butterflies on a large square of silk but the design’s still formulating in my mind and nothing’s found it’s way onto silk yet…

Some of the comments I’ve received over the past few weeks about my art included someone who thinks my pink Echinacea design should be made into wallpaper; someone who told me not to hide my silk scarves and lots of very flattering comments on my shadow paintings.  Many people want to know the specifics of both the shadow flower paintings and how I paint on silk and I happily explain.

It’s fascinating that people love my work.  I’m sure lots don’t but they’re very polite.

How do I have time to write this blog when I’m so busy painting (not to mention work too)?  You’ve guessed it..  I’m watching paint dry..

One technique is to use salt on paint on silk to give a dappled effect..  It takes a while and there are way too many variables to control.  How much salt, where and which direction did you throw it on (I’m convinced the direction of throw matters..but I may be wrong), how wet the paint on the silk is and how near the edge of the fabric the salt is.  If I’ve not put enough on I need to add more quickly before the paint gets too dry unless I want a different finish in case I need the paint to be drier..  You bored yet?  Is it like watching paint dry?  That’s what I’m currently spending a lot of time doing..  The result’s pretty amazing though don’t you think?

If you’re in the Peterborough area this weekend 23/24June 2012 come check out my art.  If you don’t like my work visit other artists who have their studios open. (sorry.. struggling to get link working here, check out


Gone painting

If I could fish, once in a while I might have gone fishing.

I love writing and have gone writing often.

This week I took the opportunity to take a few days after the extra bank holiday and have gone painting.

Painting’s a hobby for me not a living.  It’s important that I remember that and keep doing it as and when I enjoy it.  I’m very excitable just now as I’ve got caught up in the Peterborough Open Artists Studios.  The first weekend of exhibitions starts tomorrow and it’s my first year of being involved.  Whilst I don’t have my house open, (I’m exhibiting with a friend at theirs) I am wondering if anyone will turn up and, if they do, if they will like my work.  I’ve never shown any of my paintings before and I think they’re a sort of you love them or hate them thing.  Bit like me I guess.

When I’m painting, with a flick of a dust sheet as a table cloth, a frame for my silk, lots of paint, paintbrushes and hot wax, my kitchen diner becomes an artists studio.  One day I’ll have a permanent, proper ‘studio’ whatever one of those is but for now it’s transient and usually appears when I know no-one’s visiting.

I have many hobbies and when I’ve gone painting I know I can really live in the moment so much, that if I’ve arranged to meet up it’s likely I’ll have forgotten.  Oops sorry..  hope we didn’t have anything arranged this week.

Where have you ‘gone’ recently?

Carried away with celebrations…

I’ve not taken a photo but imagine if you will… union jack (UJ) table cloth, place mats, cutlery, crockery, cake stand, pinny, serviettes, paper chain, tea cosy, oven gloves (yes all UJ patterned) and in the garden: mini UJ heart shaped bunting; red, white and blue mini lanterns and UJ garden candles.  I probably had more, I just daren’t admit to it..  Couldn’t help myself.   I got carried away and swept along with the celebrations.  Afterall, if I’d worked in the same job for 60 years I’d put the bunting out!

Food?   Crown shaped vol-au-vents with scrambled egg for breakfast a tea of Coronation chicken, lynne style, were part of it…

I had such a fab time celebrating in my own way with close friends.  I hope you had a wonderful time whether you celebrated or avoided the celebrations.  Having a 4 day weekend was lovely if you were able to enjoy it.

During the weekend, while everyone was busy celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee in London I had a nice walk round someone’s Sandringham home and gardens.  Since I’ve lived here for over 5 years, never been and it’s not far, it seemed an appropriate place to visit over the long weekend.  The queen had to work so why not enjoy one of her homes while she’s away.  The pic. is of the side of the house!

Regardless of what you think of the British monarchy, I had a great long weekend and it brought out the proud, British, independent woman in me.

What have you celebrated recently?