Carried away with celebrations…

I’ve not taken a photo but imagine if you will… union jack (UJ) table cloth, place mats, cutlery, crockery, cake stand, pinny, serviettes, paper chain, tea cosy, oven gloves (yes all UJ patterned) and in the garden: mini UJ heart shaped bunting; red, white and blue mini lanterns and UJ garden candles.  I probably had more, I just daren’t admit to it..  Couldn’t help myself.   I got carried away and swept along with the celebrations.  Afterall, if I’d worked in the same job for 60 years I’d put the bunting out!

Food?   Crown shaped vol-au-vents with scrambled egg for breakfast a tea of Coronation chicken, lynne style, were part of it…

I had such a fab time celebrating in my own way with close friends.  I hope you had a wonderful time whether you celebrated or avoided the celebrations.  Having a 4 day weekend was lovely if you were able to enjoy it.

During the weekend, while everyone was busy celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee in London I had a nice walk round someone’s Sandringham home and gardens.  Since I’ve lived here for over 5 years, never been and it’s not far, it seemed an appropriate place to visit over the long weekend.  The queen had to work so why not enjoy one of her homes while she’s away.  The pic. is of the side of the house!

Regardless of what you think of the British monarchy, I had a great long weekend and it brought out the proud, British, independent woman in me.

What have you celebrated recently?