Gone painting

If I could fish, once in a while I might have gone fishing.

I love writing and have gone writing often.

This week I took the opportunity to take a few days after the extra bank holiday and have gone painting.

Painting’s a hobby for me not a living.  It’s important that I remember that and keep doing it as and when I enjoy it.  I’m very excitable just now as I’ve got caught up in the Peterborough Open Artists Studios.  The first weekend of exhibitions starts tomorrow and it’s my first year of being involved.  Whilst I don’t have my house open, (I’m exhibiting with a friend at theirs) I am wondering if anyone will turn up and, if they do, if they will like my work.  I’ve never shown any of my paintings before and I think they’re a sort of you love them or hate them thing.  Bit like me I guess.

When I’m painting, with a flick of a dust sheet as a table cloth, a frame for my silk, lots of paint, paintbrushes and hot wax, my kitchen diner becomes an artists studio.  One day I’ll have a permanent, proper ‘studio’ whatever one of those is but for now it’s transient and usually appears when I know no-one’s visiting.

I have many hobbies and when I’ve gone painting I know I can really live in the moment so much, that if I’ve arranged to meet up it’s likely I’ll have forgotten.  Oops sorry..  hope we didn’t have anything arranged this week.

Where have you ‘gone’ recently?