Air show #Wadd12

I’d love to show you my pics.. settle down, there you go.  Ooh yes there’s a lot of the sky.. hmm.. yes I went to the air show.. wait a mo.. see that one.  Ooh there’s the plane then there’s the sky again.

Ooh look see they’re rotating round each other and again and again and again wow it was amazing.  Not the same looking at the pics for you no?

Yes they’re a little small but they were fast and huge and loud and when it rained and I sat in the car it shook from the vibrations.  Ooh, come to think about it that was when they exploded the building.  Yes, I think they do that each year.

Look at these.  They made a heart in red smoke then drove a blue arrow through it.  Yes, it is a little faint.  They had to fly through the cloud.  No, it wasn’t the red arrows they had to do a flat show.  No, I don’t know what that means either.  I assumed they meant they couldn’t fly up and down.  Yes, there’s a lot of pics of this heart.  I had the camera on continuous to make sure I got some pics of planes.  Yes, that meant I got a lot of pics of smoke and sky too.  Why wouldn’t you want to see those?

Here’s the red arrows.  Maybe a flat display but there was nothing flat about it.  Wonderful I tell you.  Yes, only seven formation this year, very sad..

This next pic’s very arty, isn’t it?  It rained so I took it from inside the car and the rainbow isn’t a rainbow it’s the smoke from lots of planes.  Love the green and orange.  I think they might have been the Italian Air Force.

The sun came out and the blades performed in their lovely little blue planes.  No, I have no idea what type they were.  Yes, the sun was out.. there were still clouds too.  Look closely, one is upside down.  Yes, I know it’s a bit out of focus.  Aren’t you impressed I managed to get them in the frame at all?  I only have this little point and shoot you know.  No, I didn’t crop any of these photos.  I’m not a professional photographer.

I’m tired too.  I had a wonderful and very exciting day.  Yes, I agree, you should have come with me so I didn’t have to bore you with all these pics.

I do like a good air show and Waddington was a fab airshow this year, even with a few drops of rain.