Olympic torch celebrations, would you go?

Someone runs along the street, passing quickly by, did they have something in their hand?  Maybe a long stick?  It looked shiny, like it had a candle pushed into the end  which was lit or maybe it was just some fabric flowing from it that looked like a flame.

Would you line the street for that?

Oh, and by the way there will be some artsy theatre before it comes past and some young people singing..

Too right you would, if it was the Olympic flame and you knew thousands might turn out to watch, and if you knew what the artsy theatre company was..

I saw the show in Cathedral Square Peterborough.  It was Close-Act  a group I’ve never heard of, shame on me.  They were stunning.  My pics don’t do it justice mainly as I was a bit afraid and excited at the same time.  You try taking decent snaps with your camera on the wrong setting and being surrounded by giant dragons..  At one point I was convinced I was being corralled and surrounded within the group of dragons by the evil witch.. yes, I know “grow up Lynne you’re 51 and an adult”.  I dispute both those facts after yesterday.

The singing, well I’m not sure about posting pics of that but the shoes caught my eye and were in front of them..  Before the flame arrived lots of local school choirs sang with adult Peterborough choirs in the arches in front of the cathedral while a local group danced.  It was serene and beautiful and I was very moved.  That doesn‘t normally happen when I hear children sing, they did very well.

And the torch?

Then the whole crowd moved onto embankment literally minutes away from my home and the festivities carried on into the night.

On the Internet I learn that Close-Act are an international street theatre company based in the Netherlands that’s been running for 12 years. “Spectacular theatre turns festival and townsquare upside down!”.  They were spectacular and turned  Peterborough upside down yesterday.

When Peterborough decided to celebrate the Olympic torch coming to town for the night, they did it in style.  Well done to everyone involved and thanks for giving thousands a night to remember.