Painting outdoors

I’m not sure why I didn’t tell you beforehand what I was doing yesterday, but I had been a bit intimidated by it.  Shadows of flowers are what I paint at the moment.  I do lots of other things too but I do like painting my shadows.  Yesterday gave me an opportunity to have a go on a larger scale.  In the end I plumped for a little 4×4 foot panel and that took me 5 hours!

What did I get up to?  I was one of many artists painting outdoors at a live arts jam in Peterborough.  Most were amazingly accomplished street artists using spray paint and then there were a few of us on our first live jam outing painting on smaller boards with acrylics.  It’s stunning to watch the full process from primed fence panel to finished huge painting.

In my case I raided my shed of paint, remembered the screwdriver to open them, copied one of my shadow paintings and prepared to have a go making it a little larger larger.  To challenge myself more, I decided, minutes before starting, to paint it upside down square by square…

Hmm yes, I don’t know why either..

The sun shone, I had a wonderful day with friends and family and the organisers were happy we turned up.  Here’s my finished version.

ps.. Sorry I’ve not posted for a few weeks, the blog’s seemed to merged into posts about events rather than the usual mix.  I’m sure the mix will come back.  You’re getting two posts today!  If I write, I want it to be on my work in progress (novels number one and two at the moment..) and seem to have amassed numerous friends with editing whips… which is good.  I’ll get my books published one day.


4 thoughts on “Painting outdoors

  1. I love shadows of clouds on mountains–I live in a mountainous area–I love their intagibility yet their “thereness”. I therefore relate to your love of painting flowers’ shadows’. Super cool. Great write, and outstanding artwork. 🙂

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