yoga robin has mouths to feed

It’s been an odd year weather wise and that’s had impacts on flowers and insects.  How’s that affected me?  There’s this robin..  Well, there’s quite a few that treat my garden as their territorial dispute line.

I only have to appear at my back door in the morning and the word goes out around the birdy neighbourhood.  Then they all appear with their ‘pity me’ eyes and I feel obliged to provide them with some sustenance before I get my own fist cuppa of the day and some breakfast.

It was only when I decided to take a picture of one very persistent Robin that I realised two things.

They stood on one leg.  I almost convinced myself they only had one till I realised they did actually have two but one shot up pretty quick when they landed.

The other thing I realised was that this particular robin is feeding 3, very hungry, freshly fledged, youngsters.  As I stood close, trying to get a picture, they went from one to another then a third to feed all in turn.  The youngsters were all perched nearby where I hadn’t noticed them before.  Unfortunately I was so busy being amazed by the family feeding fest in my garden I forgot to take the pics..  oops…  one for another post – does taking pictures preclude you from seeing what’s in front of you or do you see it more?

Back to today’s topic..  No wonder this robin chases me as I awake and practices yoga as often as they can.

Do you know what goes on in your garden?



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