clippity clop and we’re off to Burghley

Ooh I can hear.. I can go to an event with lots of weird noises and hey presto, a few hours later, I’m at Burghley horse trials.. clippity clop clappity hop and a skip and a jump and we’re off..

As a child growing up my dad had to put up with me watching horse jumping whenever it was on.  Looking back I dream that it might have been from Burghley, making my annual pilgrimage more meaningful.

The sun shone and we got the obligatory showers for the Sunday.

After the Olympic success of Team GB the horse trials were bound to be well attended and they were.  Lots of people who’d never been before made the scenery for those of us who are regulars a bit different (yes I consider myself a regular.. been 3 times at least).

I do love mingling with the rich..  I consider anyone who has horses rich as I grew up working most weekends on a stud farm and know the dedication needed and how wonderful it is to be blessed with knowing horses.

Drat!  I knew I forgot something..  No pics of the food.  I always take extra money as a treat so I can eat what I fancy.  Usually crepes for brekkie and this year we finished with a rare breed hot dog..  I know..  Can’t help it.  I love eating from the food courts when I go to events like this.

It was so exciting, watching the horses try the Olympic jumps.  We decided any horse that managed the penny black without knocking it over deserves extra points.  Seeing if they went clean over that one added to the tension.  Whilst I have strong views on hunts..  don’t get me started..  I did love watching the hounds, particularly those which did their own thing and appeared well after the main group had left.  Independent souls!

What events are near you that you love to go to annually?