Many pencil sharpeners..

No analogies.  I really mean, many pencil sharpeners…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a pencil sharpener over the past few years.  Loads.  My paintings need a lot of quick sketching and I’m hard on pencils.  It felt like there was never a pencil sharpener, or pencil, come to think of it, in this house when I needed one.  Till now.

In case you’re in need when you visit me they’re lined up next to the cook books in the kitchen.  Yes, did you notice the ‘they’.  I lost my new debit card recently and went on the hunt, clutter clearing along the way, only to find all my pencils (I lose those too) and pencil sharpeners.

Finding many things is what happens when I get stuck into clutter clearing.  At least now the house has a much better feel and when I need to sketch next I know exactly where all my pencils and pencil sharpeners are (I only laid them on the floor for effect in the pic.. they’re not really kept on the floor, they do have their own homes now).

Ahh, no, I didn’t find the card and had to cancel it only for it to fall out a week later when I picked a couple of magazines up from the kitchen table.  It must have arrived and I put it under one out of sight and promptly forgot.. oops..

How often do you go looking for one thing and find many others, only to find the thing you were originally looking for, later when you weren’t looking for it?

Sounds like the story of my life when said like that!