Jeremy’s Gardening update 15Sept2012

Update 15.09.12 Sorry it’s been a while since I last updated you. I don’t write as often as Lynne does. What a year. Lynne’s completely neglected me.  I’m not complaining and have quite enjoyed it.  I’ve grown my hair, gone a bit feral and haven’t had to be so productive in the vegetable department.

The greenhouse has had the whole year off which was amazing. Trees are getting rather out of hand and I’ve told Lynne she’s got to do something about them this year.  It’s like she thinks I’m a forest in the middle of Peterborough, I’m too small and if she wants to be able to get to the shed at the end of me she’ll have to tackle them, they’re growing above their status and that won’t do.

The female garden orb web spiders have set up home everywhere this year.  They do this each Autumn but there seem more of them just now.  Lynne won’t break their webs.  That’s environmentalist for you.. they’re so.. how shall I put it.. environmental.. that’s the word.. she’s noticed they have fresh webs each morning and then she feels like she’s depriving them of their main meal of the day if she so much as walks through one.  I’ve told her she can do some gardening in the afternoons when they’ve eaten.  Personally, I think it’s just an excuse but she can’t be told.

Ooh this September sun’s been lovely hasn’t it?  The flowers have been a bit poorly but I don’t like as much flowery stuff as Lynne does so it’s just fine by me.  I’m sure they’ll feel better next year, and they will soon be resting for the winter.

One day I’ll have to teach her how to add this to my own pages under gardening news..  for now I hope you’ve enjoyed my update and I’ll be in touch again later in the year.  Here’s hoping you produced more veg than I did but I’m well relaxed and should be busy again next year.

Tootle pip

Jeremy, the garden.


1 thought on “Jeremy’s Gardening update 15Sept2012

  1. No-one’s commented so I’m going to. Have you spotted the spider (out of focus) on the top pic? Had to manhandle one of them today. I carefully moved her so I could get into my shed. I’ll check her tomorrow to see if she’s managed to make a new web.

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