plane writing

I don’t understand my interest in planes.  I don’t like wars and hope no-one does.  I do like to feel ‘safe’, whatever that means.

That aside, I absolutely love air shows and watching planes flying and seeing men who work on them and fly them.. erm.. enough of that. I love being in beautiful landscapes on sunny days.

I recently blogged about beerfest, food and writing and here’s a similar one of how to combine two hobbies into one event.  I managed to join my love of airshows and writing at duxford airshow last week.  Basically, I don’t seem to have many (physical as opposed to virtual) friends who share my love of airshows.

Another of my hobbies, besides airshows is writing and I have a lot of editing to do on my latest Work in Progress WIP..  One thing about airshows is the urge to get there early.. very early.. to avoid the queues, have time to wander and get a nice ‘spot’ to see from.  This usually includes many hours of sitting and waiting once there.

This time I linked:

  • my love of airshows,
  • lack of friends who also love airshows and
  • my need to edit said WIP

they, all together =

  • blissful productive day.

I don’t multi task well but I think this was as near as I’ll ever get.

Do you ever manage to link your favourite things?


7 thoughts on “plane writing

  1. I like airshows! I just never get to go them (yet) because my 5yo is frightened of the noise. We’ll get there, soon! Sounds like you had the most amazing day, rolling all your loves and likes together. Fantastic, well done! thank for sharing, I adore your little updates and photos. x

    • Thanks!
      Sounds like your son needs his own ear mufflers or whatever they call them.. All the rage with small people. Any Airshow worth it’s salt will sell them. Wadders tweet up next year then!! tee hee. got to be your nearest. x

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