Cake glorious cake.  Must remember to add fruit!  It’s that time of year when a budding group of volunteers in the UK, some who’ve been planning for months, move into the final week’s anticipation.  The event?  Friday 28 Sept 2012 is the WORLD’S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING.  It’s not always on the same day and it’s not always in the morning but it’s all for charity, Macmillan cancer support.

I’ve been part of these coffee mornings for around 10 years and love them.  I used to be on a local committee and would attend many local ones throughout the day.  Nowadays, I hold one at work.  Pretty low key, but we have a good time and donate for charity at the same time.  We chat, laugh, bake, eat and donate.

If you’re in the UK, why not see if there’s a coffee morning going on local to you and join in.   It might help take some of the weight off your shoulders (I can’t promise it will help take the weight off anywhere else..you could always walk there..), have a drink and a chatter in these odd days of ours.

The official day is Friday 28 September 2012.  Check it out, take a break and help others while you do.  Now, where’s my recipe book?  Hmm..  What shall I bake this year?   Coconut; hazelnut; lemon drizzle; strawberry… I wonder….

ps  Yes, I am covered in paint while writing this and yes there is paint and paper all over my living room floor… What is it?  (note to self.. I must work out why my flash has stopped working..) I’m making cardboard bunting before going to work.  As you do..  Indulging my creative bent?  Too right I am!