Halloween over and now the writing begins

And so it begins.  Waking up after Halloween I settle into my routine for the next 30 days.  I’ve not posted pre National Novel Writing Month and doubt I’ll do many posts during.  I did, however, want to mark the beginning.

For some reason, I know not why, I have been more apprehensive this year.  I’d picked a story that I thought had legs so to speak and wanted to do it justice.  How many cliché’s so far, my writing tutor will be horrified..

When I’m at home on 31 October I always put out a pumpkin.  Lovingly hollowed and carved with a single lit tea light, signalling to any passing that my home will welcome them if they arrive costumed up, I may also have some goodies for them to take away.  This year I forgot the satsumas I bought and only offered the chocolates and orange coloured cake bars.  I had some visitors, not many, but enough to make it a fun night and worthwhile.

Inside the house I lit candles and thought of friends and family who are no longer with me.  I thought of the 3 funerals I’ve been to this year and how much the individuals had influenced my life.

This is the third year I’ve done NaNoWriMo, do check out their website if this means nothing to you. (Sorry, I’m not brilliant at putting links in.).  Not having edited either of the past two year’s efforts I’m hoping to write something with a bit more structure so it might be easier to edit.

To my friends who are still around me.  I love you all dearly and please forgive my November antics as I rush from writing to work and back to writing again.  Can we book dates in the diary to meet up in say December or early next year rather than over the next few weeks. Unless you’re writing too and we meet at write-ins!

For those interested, (doing National Novel Writing Month you get obsessed with word counts) this posts word count’s over 300 and that’s over half of what I need to do to achieve my daily word count goal of 2500 if I’m to meet 75K words this month.  Yes, I know my target’s only 50K and I’ve passed the obligatory 1666 words for that but 50k does not a novel make especially when it has to be edited as much as mine.

Good luck with any challenges you’re attempting this November and I hope my novel’s not as horrific as hopefully my pumpkin looked last night.

ps Day one and I’ve written 2664 words.  Here’s hoping I stay on target.