Little things

Life is made up of little things and what we think and do about them.

This is a little post to get me back into posting more often.  I feel like I’m ready to post again a bit more.  I’m not sure why I went a bit quiet there for a while, I probably need a little time to reflect on that.  My camera’s not working very well, apologies, I’m using old images as I don’t want the lack of new images to stop me posting.  I can come up with enough excuses of my own for that..  There’s 4 days to a new year and you might get 4 new posts on little reflections from me, or not, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Blogging has connected me to new people, new friends and it’s been a wonderful experience.  This time between Christmas and new year I reflect, review and look forward.

Before I blogged I used to write, in my journal, in the garden by candlelight.  I miss that.  Spending an hour or so every few days wrapped up sat in the cold and dark in the greenhouse, as the birds woke, connected me to my garden.  It gave me time to plan what I would grow, what I wanted to do and who I wanted to spend time with.


Here’s another little reflection about something that happened a year ago.

A friend decided to visit at very short notice and I realised I needed to change the sheets in the house.  I had some lovely new sheets I wanted to use but it was only when I’d put them on that I realised I should have washed them first.  They were incredibly scratchy.  My friend hasn’t done that again since.

Better to stick to what you know is comfortable than put on new to impress, or, if you don’t want people to visit at short notice put on new unwashed scratchy bed linen.

What are you reflecting on or looking forward to?