Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Lots of my cards said this.  Lumping the celebrations of both into one.  Some even included Happy Birthday.  So sorry to inconvenience you to get me another card.. (remember I have a sarcastic streak when I’m healthy.. it’s been a while..)

lilac branches decorated

Ooh, have I woken up grumpy?  Not at all, I love christmas when the house is decorated, food’s all sorted, friends are here and settled in.  As for New Year well I’ll tell you what I think of that at New Year.  For now I’m reminiscing and reviewing the past including the Christmas we’ve just had, taking time to visit friends and family, being aware of those who are having a tough time and those for whom this time of year can be very sad as it seems to highlight all emotions.

table on christmas eve

Friends came round and we ate numerous home made vegetable curries on christmas eve.  For christmas dinner it had to be an organic free-range turkey most of which is now frozen and will last a while.  My home is still cosy (code for small and cluttered..) with a warm hue of candles everywhere.  That, for me, is the Christmas and Yule spirit, welcoming and cosy, keeping warm while the nights are long.

For me, 2012 had lots of wonderful happy times and some scary and sad times.  I had a lot of colds and a couple of virus’s that seemed to take forever to clear.  I went to more funerals than weddings and celebrated more friends’ ‘big’ birthdays than funerals.  Quite a few of my friends were born in years with a 2 at the end.  What was it about 1952, 62, 72 and 82?

My writing has dominated my spare time this year, I managed to work out how I like to edit (more on this soon) and drafted my third novel.  This time last year I had just written my first guest post and was being ‘encouraged’ to start my own blog.  I completed A-Z blogging in April and wrote almost 100 posts throughout the year.  Had I realised I was so close to my 100th post I might have done a few more earlier in December.  Hmm.. I don’t like posting more than one a day so my 100th post is likely to be next year now..

That’s about it for my reflections.  How are you doing with yours?