My simple pleasures in life

As we celebrate the dawn of a new year and make some reflections on the past I’m still trying to live in the present.

Each year for the past 10 or so I’ve spent some time between the 25 Dec and 1 Jan in contemplation of how well I did against my last years goals and what my next years goals will be.  This year, I have a day left in which to do this.  More than enough time if I can find my notes.  While looking, I found a few notebooks and other things which reminded me of things I like.  There was a sketch of my hand with a note I wrote saying ‘A few minutes of sketching does me the world of good. Must do more. xx’.  Sketching will now form part of my weekly routine for next year (starting to plan my 2013).

Lynne's quick sketch of her hand

Someone (Huge apologies as I don’t remember who) on their blog earlier in the year suggested writing a note of one simple pleasure you have in life each day for a month.  I did that and now have a list of 32 (32? I know! I could have gone on too..) things that give me pleasure.

simple pleasures on fairy cake cases

One thing I learnt this year was that I love fairy cake cases (I can’t help myself).  I use them for my writing as they help me plan and edit my novels (more about that next year but you heard it here first…). Here’s my list of a few things that give me pleasure, (as written on a different fairy cake case each day for a month) in no particular order:

Wearing colourful clothes

Dancing to cheesy music

My new soundtrack to my life

Colour coordinated clothes in wardrobe

Looking at Big Ben

The arty use of the Union Jack in 2012 on everything

Christmas decorations

A tidy, clean house with friends round for food and drink

A nice bottle of beer or wine

(sorry, one had to be edited out for decency)

Baked potatoes & cheese on toast, not necessarily together

Honey melting on porridge

Laughing with friends and family

The smell from lemon scented geraniums

Memories of playing cards with Mum and laughing with Dad

Sitting on the sofa with a nice cuppa tea

The allure of a full moon

Robin, blackbird and collard dove waiting for me

Smell of cake baking in oven

Driving to family and friends

Baking for charity

Being creative: Writing; Painting; anything arty and crafty

Sun streaming through the windows


Looking at flames

Sound of geese; sea water in my toes; sound of bees etc.


Hot water running over shoulders

Watching films

Sleeping in

Drawing and looking at shadows

The realisation that I have 32 different fairy cake cases

Here’s to a pleasure filled 2013.