dressing of snow





There’s something magical about waking up to the first dressing of snow each year.  I might think differently if I lived somewhere that got tons of snow, I don’t know.  When no-one’s walked on it, it is stunning and makes the world look beautiful, until it gets all mushy and dirty and it’s frozen over and become dangerous to walk on or we have to change travel plans.  Mind you, having to change travel plans can also be a blessing..

The last time we had snow is often that bit too long ago to remember well and the crisp fresh chill you get with a frosting of snow refreshes the brain and skin.  (note to self.. you’ve still not got the flash fixed on the camera..) Sorry about the dark picture but I couldn’t wait to show you the tree opposite dressed in white before the sun has risen.  You’d have preferred to see it properly, meaning I should wait to tell you it’s snowing?  (nah.. that wasn’t going to happen..;)

tree dressed in snow

I love it when there’s enough to make snow sculptures and I’m assuming this is only the beginning of our snow for this year.  It’s still snowing so I’ll have to wait to see if there’s enough around at the weekend to be creative with.  If it’s snowing where you are please take it carefully and enjoy the world dressed in white while you’re able to.


There’s always one ………. that gets forgotten

If you celebrate Christmas and put decorations up you’ll be aware of the tradition that they need to come down on or before twelfth night.  That’s the 6th of January and what happens if they don’t?  Tradition has it they stay up the whole year till the following Christmas.  Are you really asking me ‘who follows traditions?’  Yes, I follow that one religiously.

You guessed it, every year I have at least one decoration, some lights and maybe a cracker or two who get forgotten.  I live in such a little house I have no idea how they hide from me but they do.  Somehow they merge into my décor and become part of the daily furniture that I don’t see them as I remove all the tinsel and tree decorations, the huge woollen Father Christmas, the pom-pom penguins (they managed to stay out last year!) and the plastic deer.

angel card holder

This year it was hiding behind the door and stayed so flat and quiet (after the cards had been removed) that I hardly noticed.  Needless to say there’s always one memory of Christmas that stays with me till the next year.  This time it’s my angel shaped card holder that goes on the back of the door.  I even nearly took it down this morning then chastised myself.  It’s evaded me till now so it deserves to live in the house for the year.  I have such a mismatch of ornaments and items in my house I doubt anyone will notice.

Are there traditions you stay true to?

1 year and 100 posts thank you

It’s lynnelives first birthday and we’re 100.  Thank you if you’re reading this and have read any of my pieces.  I can’t tell you how long it took to decide whether to leave my 100th blog post for today or not.  Apparently I can take the simplest of tasks and make them into mountains and take mountains and not be phased at all (unless they’re real).

A year ago I set up lynnelives and posted ‘A New Year a New Blog!’ not really knowing what I was getting into.  I’d wanted to blog for years but didn’t have the guts to get on with it.  So many things hindered me.  Well, of course, only one thing hindered me, me, but with many different questions.  Who would read it; what would I write; everyone will laugh; who am I to think I can do anything of note; let alone the obvious, how do you set a blog up?

Along came knight on white horse..  I have no idea if he rides but he does write extremely well and ‘gently encouraged’ (other words do come to mind) me to blog.. in the guise of Simon.  Simon, thank you, I’ve had a wonderful blogging year and wouldn’t have got around to it so soon if you hadn’t helped.

Thanks have to go to you my readers including, currently 36, followers, and many friends and family.  I hope you’ve had a laugh, smile or cry to enhance your days.  I don’t go in for quantity (too scary) but do love quality and I’ve got the best readers.  Nicky tagged me for a Versatile Blogger award that I’ve not worked out how to receive or pass on yet.  Nicky, I’ll have a go this year and thanks for being my highest commenter!

To me, over my first year, this blog’s been friend, teacher, confidante and counsellor.  By writing and blogging, I hope I’ve given a little back to those I love to read and my quality friends who support my mad creative times.  According to my annual stats the post which got the most views was xxxxxxxxxx ! The one which had the busiest day was Apostrophe on April 1st.  You heard it here first, I’ll have a go at A-Z challenge this year (Oops.. What have I said?  That means a busy March and April).

If you want to see the stats the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Blogging this year has been fun and crazy at the same time, two of my favourite pastimes.  Here’s hoping you’re able to join me this time next year (you can always pop by before then too) for the 2nd birthday celebration of lynnelives.  Last year I learnt a bit about blogging and lots about writing.  This year I want to focus on my garden and finishing my first novel and hope you are interested in one or both.  I’m sure there will be the usual eclectic mix as I go along and hope that adds some fun and laughter along the way.

Let's celebrate!

This feels like it’s turning into a speech!  It’s gone on far too long and we all need a drink.  Please open the bubbly, have a piece of cake and thank-you for dropping by and celebrating with me.

New Year, new way to edit

Last year I wanted to see the New Year in with people.  This year I wanted to be alone at home and realised that would mean I’d probably be woken by others wishing in the New Year in the tradition around here…  I’m now awake at 4am and writing my first post of the New Year.  Do you think I can go and set some fireworks off to wake up everyone who woke me with fireworks seemingly inside my bedroom at midnight?

OOh noo have I woken as a bah humbug anti-new year reveller? Oops!  I could thank them for disturbing my sleep pattern enough so I catch my favourite radio programme at 4am on New Years Day and start the year writing early in the morning while everyone’s asleep (that’s another of my simple pleasures).

Happy New Year if I haven’t already said so 😉

Back to my New Years Day topic..

Each year I write a list of goals and randomly, throughout the year, see how I’m doing and try to complete them or gradually edge towards them to ease me into my new future.  In 2010 one of my goals was to write a novel.  I had no idea how or if it was at all possible.  The same year I heard of a National Novel Writing Month.  All I had to do was commit to that month of writing and hey presto I had a draft.. a very rough short draft that would be edited later…  I now have 3 draft novels, none finished.

One of my goals in 2012 was to work out how I edit.  Here’s my secret.. I’m VERY excited moving into 2013 as I really think I might have worked out how I edit.  I say ‘how I edit’ as it’s no use focusing on how others write or edit.  Each of us is different and you need to work out how you do it.  That could take years.  I started writing rather late in life and don’t feel I have the luxury of that sort of time.

cake case editing

I love writing and could happily do it daily though I’m sure my fingers and friends might complain eventually.  What I’ve struggled with is the editing and finishing.  Finally, fairy cake cases came to the rescue (I know.. mad or what!).  Before everyone realises how amazing these are I wanted to post something here to show my use of them.  I hit on the use of fairy cake cases when my house started filling up with them and I realised no-one could or should bake that many cakes.  Once I started using them I realised how great they are.  The different sizes and colours can be used for different scenes and people and books.  I use them for individuals, families or groups of people, locations, characterisations and events. They can be mixed and matched, ordered and moved around to help with the sequencing.  No spreadsheets for me!  Give me a pack of cake cases with some coloured pens and I’m in my element for hours.  That’s my editing secret..

Wish me well in finishing editing one of my draft novels in 2013!

ps I do realise you might think of this as planning not editing but for the novels I’ve got they’re already written and now need the editing/planning stage.. oops..