dressing of snow





There’s something magical about waking up to the first dressing of snow each year.  I might think differently if I lived somewhere that got tons of snow, I don’t know.  When no-one’s walked on it, it is stunning and makes the world look beautiful, until it gets all mushy and dirty and it’s frozen over and become dangerous to walk on or we have to change travel plans.  Mind you, having to change travel plans can also be a blessing..

The last time we had snow is often that bit too long ago to remember well and the crisp fresh chill you get with a frosting of snow refreshes the brain and skin.  (note to self.. you’ve still not got the flash fixed on the camera..) Sorry about the dark picture but I couldn’t wait to show you the tree opposite dressed in white before the sun has risen.  You’d have preferred to see it properly, meaning I should wait to tell you it’s snowing?  (nah.. that wasn’t going to happen..;)

tree dressed in snow

I love it when there’s enough to make snow sculptures and I’m assuming this is only the beginning of our snow for this year.  It’s still snowing so I’ll have to wait to see if there’s enough around at the weekend to be creative with.  If it’s snowing where you are please take it carefully and enjoy the world dressed in white while you’re able to.


2 thoughts on “dressing of snow

  1. Oooh someone else is as excited about the white stuff as me. Love it! I’m jiggling up and down in my seat, debating whether to ditch the writing and go out and ROOOLLLL in it. Well, metaphorically speaking, of course. If it keeps snowing like this, I’ll be collecting the kids from school on their sledges, that’s for sure. Even if Lincolnshire is dead flat, LOL!

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