Number 432 your time is up.. #AtoZchallenge

Lots of people who’ve signed up for the Blogging from A to Z challenge 2013 have already been writing about it.  The list is now open, we can all sign up then wait, or do a bit of planning, or be very organised and plan, write and schedule our 26 posts for April.


Can I say, now, that my fingers seem to want it to be an AtoX challenge.. No idea why, but I don’t seem to be able to hit the Z key very easily!

What’s my theme?  You’ll have to wait, but although the theme is standard, the topics will be very different, I think, so I’ve categorised myself as Miscellaneous.  It is possible I completely change my mind before April and do something normal like colours or paintings I’ve done or flowers in my garden or places I’ve visited.. or.. or..

I remembered early when the sign up list wasn’t open and knew I’d forget and be much later in the list.  Last year, I was in the 600’s so I’m much nearer the front in the room.  My description of where I am in the list goes along the line of “I like being a bit back. It’s like not being at the top table. We can watch the world go by, have a bit of fun & chat.”

If you’re looking for me and I’m not 432 anymore that’ll be any no-showers, giveruppers or advertisers trying to hyjack the list before me that will get dumped thus flinging me forward a number or two.  That’s my interpretation of what happens. My number in the list jumped forward over 20 last year.  Here’s hoping I manage to keep going for the whole month.  Last year, I had a whale of a time and hope to do the same this year.  I’ve already said hi to most of my neighbours.  Not all of them, as a couple of them scared me a little.. oops, you’ll be wondering which ones now..


During AtoZ 2012 I designed a new font, I wonder what I’ll create this year.  Have you decided what you will write about?