Valentines mush

On 14 Feb I’ll be in York to deliver IT training.. yes I’m delivering training on how to use an IT filing structure, I get the irony, believe me!  Bizarre.. I hate that day!  All mushy and loved up couples around and I’ll be in one of my favourite places on my own. Oh well, at least I’ll be shattered as I head home alone for the night afterwards. I’m sure I’d be different if I was all loved up..  No-one prepares you for getting older single do they?  Maybe they try and we don’t listen.  I feel another novel brewing..

Hello again, I wrote that few weeks ago.  Must have had a rough day, sorry!  Whilst I’m really a happy hermit of a soul, I do love the romance of valentines day, though haven’t had the pleasure of receiving or sending a card for years.  These days I normally spend the day hidden and avoid all contact with the outer loved up world.  This year I’ll be in amongst it, travelling, as people carry flowers and presents and either smile or not depending if their loved one remembered.  You can hardly forget as you go to get your milk, flour, eggs and lemons for shrove Tuesday pancakes.  I know, I seem to have gotten a bit confused this week.  Maybe I’ll post about pancakes on Thursday instead of today.

As I was saying, as you head to get your shopping you can’t miss the fluffy teddy’s, red cushions with LOVE written on them or in the shape of a heart,  (I must admit there’s a couple I’ve seen that would look great in my living room.. would it matter if I bought myself one?  There’s a rumour that I can just about remember what it’s like to be in love)  racks and racks of loved up cards screaming at you, reams and reams of champagne (I did give in and buy one of those while they’re on offer), my favourite boxes of chocolate, hundreds of them calling me.. (I might have to donate one to the training room so they forgive any mistakes I make..). 

If only I can get through the next few days then I’m free to get on with my life, forgetting what it’s like to wait for the postman to see if there’s a card for you, or come downstairs to a loved up card, bunch of roses and breakfast cooked for you presumably by the love of your life. one red rose within a grey heart

Roses are so expensive at this time of year I’d prefer them the rest of the year, thinking on they don’t last as long as other flowers so don’t waste your money, not on me anyway.

I’ve got something else on my mind to post on Thursday.. so I seem to have managed to survive this week pretty unscathed..  Heart shaped pancakes are now on my mind since there’s no-one burning through this hard heart of mine this year…

Who’s in your heart this week?


3 thoughts on “Valentines mush

  1. LOL, Valentine’s day is highly overrated. OH and I will be having frozen pizza (heated, of course) with the kids while sorting out the week’s homework and ironing. We’ll have our real treat some time over the weekend. Sending you big Valentine’s hugs and smiles, Lynne! XX

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