Sshhh, I’m trying to edit #AtoZchallenge

Here I am, a writer who’s unpublished, and never will be if I don’t finish my editing.  I’ve finally worked out how but I’m struggling to make the time and get the right ‘head space’.

Sunday,  perfect timing, and yet, it’s only a week till AtoZchallenge starts.  26 posts in a month that I want to pre-post so I can go on holiday.  26 posts that I only agreed to do because they were research for my novels.  You know, those 3 draft novels that I’m trying to find time to research and edit, because all I really want to do is draft the next one, or two.

I can hear you, wanting me to write about earth hour last night, wanting me to write about the weather as only us Brits can..  yes this time last year we were less than 2 weeks away from a hosepipe ban right before the wettest summer, like, forever.  Sshhh, I’m trying to edit.

24March2013 in my garden

What’s that?  Oh it’s you, the snow’s covered your water and you’d like the fast food station to open now.  No, I wasn’t doing anything important, just trying to edit.

In case you’re interested, here’s the AtoZchallenge titles that I may or may not get around to writing.  Even this list is still in draft form so don’t get too excited or bored by any of them, yet.

Monday April 1st:            Aysgarth falls; Adverbs; Architect; Adoption; AmWriting

Tuesday 2:                    Bags, a novel by Lynne Collins,

Wednesday 3:              Cars; chick lit..; cup cake cases

Thursday 4:                  Dream Gardener, a Novel by Lynne Collins

Friday 5:                       Editing tips and hints; English

Saturday 6:                   Fairy cake cases; funerals; friends

Monday 8:                    Gadansk; grammar

Tuesday 9:                    Holiday in the Dales, a novel by Lynne Collins

Wednesday10:             Insecure; I; First person.

Thursday11:                 John

Friday12:                      Know

Saturday13:                  Lawyer

Monday15:                   Margaret Collins, what would she write about?

Tuesday 16:                  Nanowrimo

Wednesday17:             Overestimated

Thursday18:                 Publish..

Friday19:                      Query

Saturday 20:                 Research.

Monday 22:                  Show; Sentences

Tuesday 23:                  Trevisio

Wednesday 24:            Underestimated

Thursday 25:                Venison; Vera

Friday 26:                     Weddings; Wake up and smell the coffee

Saturday 27:                 Xylem, a word that’s not in Dream Gardener

Monday 29:                  Yellow

Tuesday 30:                  Zodiac
Will I ever get a book finished?  Does it matter? Will you stick around to read my April AtoZ challenge posts if they get written?

Good luck if you’re doing the challenge too or writing anything for that matter!