Fairy cake cases #AtoZchallenge

Even I’ve started calling them cup cakes, they’re fairy cakes and as I love that word, I should not be embarrassed by calling them that.. Ok, I’ve got that one out.

A funny thing happened, I had this idea of what my 50th birthday party would be like,  I’d been thinking of it for years, then a comment one of my family made completely changed everything. How I wanted to celebrate wasn’t going to work, and I had an enjoyable but small event with my family instead.

Fairy cakes

Why am I telling you this?  In preparation for the bigger event that never happened, I had been collecting fairy cake cases, lots of them, in different patterns, for a couple of years.  They weren’t as popular as they are now and it was harder to get nice ones.  Since they were no longer needed in bulk, they were perfect when I needed something to write on, that I could move around instead of post-it notes getting tatty everywhere.

cake case editing

Using fairy cake cases to draft notes on for my novels is fun and really works for me.  It’s pretty unique as far as I’m aware but I’m sure others will now start to realise how effective they are.  Fairy cake cases or a spreadsheet to keep details of your characters on?  No contest!  They draw a lot of attention and I’ve already been asked to sign one for a fellow writer which is a huge boost to my chances of getting the things (my beloved novels) finished.

What do you use to help with your writing and editing?

My AtoZchallenge posts are about writing, parts of my novels or some research I need to do for them.  I’m not allowing myself to write about anything other than topics linked to the books, my books.  The current titles that I’m writing about are ‘Bags’, ‘Holiday stories’ and ‘Dream Gardener’.