Nurtured Novels = Neverendingediting #AtoZchallenge

Are our novels living beings?  I think so,  mine are.  They’re alive in my mind all the time, fermenting away in the background of my mind.  Being nurtured by things I see, places I go, people I meet.

The amount of time I’ve taken to write and prepare these posts for the AtoZchallenge I could have done a fair bit of editing.  Yes I should have written all 26 posts about editing!  It’s neverending for me!  I know it’s two words but to me it’s one!  Maybe it should be neverendingediting..  Sorry, but I think this might be my lazy post..  I really should be editing a novel or two..

I’ve got tons more in me to be written and want to get the first three finished before I get stuck into the next ones.  Come back to them when I’ve forgotten about them, when they’ve been festering in a drawer for years?  No thanks.  I won’t forget about them so easily as people seem to think I can.  They’ll fester if I do that.  Instead I’d like them to have fermented with a bit of neverendingediting, become something complete that I can move on from.


What novels are you nurturing?  Are you neverendingediting?

I agree, maybe my M should have been moaning.. tee hee! better get editing..

My AtoZchallenge posts are about writing, parts of my novels or some research I need to do for them.  I’m not allowing myself to write about anything other than topics linked to the books, my books.  The current titles that I’m writing about are ‘Bags’, ‘Holiday stories’ and ‘Dream Gardener’.


10 thoughts on “Nurtured Novels = Neverendingediting #AtoZchallenge

  1. Big hugs to you, neverendingedtior! Nurture away ~ novels *are* like living creatures. I can edit ad nauseam but I do reach a cut off point when I simply have had enough. Plus I recall from a previous professional life that there is a point where edits actually reduce the power of a written piece of work so I try and aim for the 80/20 rule. Happy editing, Lynn, and keep it real. Rock on! X

  2. I could have written this! I have spent a lot of time when I should have been editing writing a to z blog posts. But I’m having so much fun with them. And editing is hard work! And as you said, never finished anyway.

    I also have a couple of stories I would love to work on, but I need to get these ones out in the world first! There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

    Rinelle Grey

    • The writing should have been the hard work and the editing easier.. That’s what I thought would happen. Instead the writing’s easy.. reams and reams of it.. which becomes a pain to edit.. ooh no, I’ve gotten over that negativity.. the editing’s easier now I’ve worked out to do it 10 pages at a time with tons of highlighter pens and a simple list of what to look for.. adverbs/verbs; telling/showing; tenses; who’s talking; are all the senses there.. oh and don’t forget basic grammer.. 😉

  3. Let’s stick to calling it ‘Nurturing’. It’s a euphemism for something that’s very time consuming and also has connotations of giving birth. It can be hard, but isn’t it also very empowering and a great feeling when you make that big breakthrough with the red pencil?

    • Love red pen! Just didn’t realise how little I knew of writing. This last few years have taught me tons about novels and writers and I’m getting there. Each time I write a novel it gets easier to edit.
      Ok Wayne, I’ll be nurturing my novels forever..

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