Quantity vs Quality #AtoZchallenge

How many words?  50k.  You know I used to think that was a novel.  I now know that’s a mini version.  My last draft was 73k and there’s still a few chapters not written.  Where my writing’s concerned I’ve worked out I can write forever.  I have no problem with getting words out with quantity but are they quality?

My lack of grammar and basic understanding of the English language is proving that my quantity of words in my novels are not quality.  There is much still to learn though I do not want to write literature.  I want to write for people like me, someone who likes to pick up a good read and get through it without needing a dictionary, wondering what on earth the authors trying to say, without the floury extravagance or indulgence of knowledge seeped in history and language. See what I tried to do there? I’ll never write quality and I’m aiming for quantity in an easy reading style.

Quality vs Quantity

Some people are critical of writers who have a simpler writing style, they may not be considered classics but quantities of people want to read them and enjoy them.  I’m not expecting quantities of people to read my novels so maybe I’m going for quantity in writing and quality of readers, I want a few who, like me, prefer easy reading family stories to pick up my novels, lose themselves for a few hours, feel refreshed and ready to get on with life.

My AtoZchallenge posts are about writing, parts of my novels or some research I need to do for them. I’m not allowing myself to write about anything other than topics linked to the books, my books. The current titles that I’m writing about are ‘Bags’, ‘Holiday stories’ and ‘Dream Gardener’.