Yellow car #AtoZchallenge

Did you read my C? No? Well it was about Chekhov’s gun.  A yellow car in my novel ‘Holiday Stories’ is a Chekhov’s gun.  We make lots of assumptions all of the time.  Can I stop this post there?  No?  What do I mean?

At the beginning of the story a car nearly knocks over our main character as he cycles to work in Cambridgeshire.  The rest of the novel is based in Yorkshire, surely that car had no relevance or did it?  Of course it did!  It’s a Chekhov’s gun remember.  If it’s not relevant to the plot later on remove it, unless you’re writing a different style to me and you want red herrings along the way.  Mine aren’t mystery or crime so I don’t need red herrings, although, I might have completely misread my genre. I know, don’t get hung up on genre. You keep telling me that.

Yellow car

Here’s where we start to say goodbye, only one more day and another years AtoZ’s will be over.  Beginning to miss you already, unless you’re the driver of that Yellow car and you’ll reappear later in my story.

My AtoZchallenge posts are sometimes about places and items in my novels ‘Bags’, ‘Holiday stories’ and ‘Dream Gardener’ or writing tips or, occasionally, tenuous links to both…