Reflections.. #AtoZchallenge

And before

came days, each fraught, grudgingly honing, incessant juggling,


left messages, new opportunities, posed questions, rich servings,


unceremoniously vanished,





birds fed and bathed

Huge thanks to Lee and all the co-hosts who made AtoZ possible and kept us going.  We couldn’t have had such a great month without you all.

seedlings cared for

Meant to have all my AtoZ posts pre-done, didn’t.  Instead they were done a week at a time which worked for me this year.  What I thought was my theme wasn’t, that’s life.  I learnt lots about lots and lots about myself and my writing.  I also learnt that perfect doesn’t mean great and although my sketches are by no means perfect they are, to me, great, they generated lots of interest and led me to some unexpected places, directions and gave a new outlook on what I might do next..

Snake's head fritillaries

Along the way I kept the birds in the garden fed, watered and bathed.. not so sure about myself.. Grew seedlings and started the gardening.  Took a holiday and spent lots of time with friends.  The snake’s head fritillaries came and went and as the sun arrived so did the cherry blossom which helped with the challenge.

sun and cherry blossom

Many thanks if you’ve read this or any bit of my AtoZchallenge.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it and maybe I’ve given you a bit of humour or given you something to think about.  As usual, it’s the people we meet as we go through the challenge who add the most to our experience, this time I’ve come out the other end with yet more fabulous writing mates, a new challenge #15kinmay and more energy and enthusiasm to continue editing.  My novels will get ‘finished’!

Cheers m’dears and here’s to a blissfull year before the next one.. No, that doesn’t mean.. even if there’s another next year.