Being creative

I’ve spent the last 3 weekends talking to people about creativity, mainly about my silk and acrylic painting and watercolour and ink sketches. We are all creative though some of us are more disposed to wanting to use our creative brain than others…

peacock butterfly silk painting

peacock butterfly silk painting

When I sketch for even 5 minutes I feel more relaxed, more serene and more at one with the world than even moments before.

animal designing..

animal designing..

Although the rational bit of my brain understands it’s not the case, I still make assumptions that others see what I see. That other’s know where I’m coming from and that they can fully understand my feelings and passion. No they can’t and I have to explain. My sense of visualisation appears to be much heightened than most peoples though I don’t really understand that. When I talk about it to others they look blank but are usually fascinated. I can remember sitting in pain years ago, knowing I did not have time for more pain and that unless I wanted to be medicated I only had one choice, persevere in visualisations and meditation.

blended shadow acrylic paintings

blended shadow acrylic paintings

Ooh that got a bit serious.. Ok, the only reason I started this blog today was to show you some of my art so enough already of my ramblings!

lynne's pottery

lynne’s pottery


10 thoughts on “Being creative

    • Thanks Ruth.
      You live near enough that you’re always welcome for a coffee if you want to visit in person.. Also – I’ve just been part of 3 weeks open studios, mind you it looks like after A-Z blogging I forgot to mention open studios here.. oops!

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