choices and priorities

Morning! I’ve not got long so this is rather a rushed post but it’s been in my head for the past week.. What choices are you making? Right now. Reading this or writing your own blog? Reading this or watering the garden? Reading this or feeding the birds? Reading this or getting ready for work? Reading this or reading to your children?
robin nesting in peg bag
Don’t get me wrong.. I’m very glad you’re reading this or I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t want people to read it.. Or would I? That’s a mistake many non writers make. I don’t write this so you can read it, I wrote this because I need to get it out of my head, to give me space for other ideas to ferment and generate, particularly my latest novel that I’m struggling to find the brain space for. If people read this page and get anything from it it’s a bonus and a very happy one at that.
tomato and pepper plants
I make tons of choices all of the time partly because I have so many hobbies and luckily because I have so many friends, but also because I have all of the household duties to do or not. For me, choices and priorities over the past few weeks have been around writing my latest novel, keeping enough bird food in stock while they’re all busy feeding lots of extra mouths, hanging my washing inside because of the nesting robins, re-potting my grown from seed plants if I want to enjoy any hand picked tomatoes and peppers from my garden this summer and spending time with friends and family. Ooh, not forgetting catching the latest shadows of flowers from my garden for new paintings.
catching flower shadows
Huge thanks for popping by and choosing to read this!
We all make choices every day.
What other choices will you make today?