What’s amazing & beautiful to you?

We’ve got aircon at work. I went to work this morning with my raincoat and warm clothes on as it was cold and threatening to rain.  I didn’t go out at all today.  As I left work this evening the heat hit me.  The last time I remember feeling that was getting out of the plane in a hot country, many years ago.

hidden at first..

I so nearly put this out of focus hidden pic as the main profile one.. managed to resist.  Where’s this post going.. not really sure but it’s all to do with Bill.. Bill is a virtual friend (I’m sure, like me, you’ve got many too these days, we used to call them pen pals..) who lives across the pond from me and today was one of the few times our worlds collided.  Because I can’t work out how to put pics onto twitter I blog here, then link it if Bill wants to see a pic I’ve taken and mentioned.   I know, I must get more IT literate..

yummy food in this dead tree..

After my walk home I walked into the house where, because it was so cool, I decided (for the first time this summer) not to open the back door.  Instead, I put my bag on the table and through the flowers in the vase I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Within a few feet of my window a lesser spotted woodpecker was enjoying making holes in my bench!   I’ve seen them before in the garden but not this year and not that close to my window.  I live in an industrial area of Peterborough!

excellent camouflage..

Using the flowers for my camouflage I got the camera and took what I could before it flew away.  Then promised Bill I’d post them.

getting closer and taking off the zoom

I’m writing this before I have any idea what the pictures look like.. I’m sure they’ll be out of focus, the flash’s not working on my camera but I’m sure the woodpecker would have flown away sooner than it did.

lesser spotted woodpecker

A lesser spotted woodpecker feeding from my home made bench within a few feet of me!  It was a beautiful and amazing sight for me to come home to.  What’s amazing & beautiful to you that you’d want to take pictures, tweet and blog about?