How’s your harvest this year?

Given how late I was in planting out I’m amazed I have anything to harvest but here’s my list. Leeks; courgettes; Jalepeno peppers, a variety of tomatoes, striped aubergines, beans; chard; rocket; nasturtium flowers; blackberries; rhubarb and elder berries.  There’s been other things harvested like strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and apples but they were earlier in the year and the hazel nuts will be in a few weeks time.  Still got potatoes and some horseradish to dig up.

Not all of these are of my planting but I do contribute to letting them still live in my garden so I’ll class them as my harvest.

An hour in the garden this morning, in the drizzling rain, while there’s still warmth in the air, was very refreshing yet relaxing. Clearing my mind of the week and preparing me for my weekend, whatever it holds.  My home growing skills aren’t brilliant as this year’s shown but they’re there all the same, just need a little practice.

I love picking my own veg and fruit.  The smell, the taste and the feel are all so fresh.  Like some of the supermarkets, I then get it frozen within an hour of picking if I’m not eating it immediately.  Having home picked veg on special occasions is a favourite treat, it’s the simple things that keep me happy…

Last year was a complete washout where my gardens harvest was concerned.  We had a hosepipe ban early on, with a drought, so nothing grew when the weather was hot enough for it all, followed by the wettest summer for, like, forever.. when everything grew, but it was too late for my veg by then.  By the time the rain held off long enough for me to enter my garden, the spiders had grown big enough to have large undisturbed webs, which meant I didn’t want to disturb them, so there was a whole year of my garden not being entered.. This year I was determined to grow something and it took two of us to even get to the greenhouse clearing back the bramble, nettles and buddleigh that had taken hold (I’ve not got the biggest garden but it is long).

Harvest 2014

Ooh, you can tell I’ve not written a blog post for a while, seems longer than usual.. sorry. Hope you’re still with me. By the way, I have had tons of things I wanted to write and tell you about but never seemed to have an image that was right. When I saw my harvest this morning I knew the image was right. I hope you like it. So, where was I? Rambling as ever.. it’s my speciality you know, or if you didn’t you now do 😉

Harvest.. It may not be the most plentiful but it’s special to me. I’ve many hobbys and gardening and growing have to sit alongside writing and reading and painting and.. and .. That I manage to plant anything from seed and grow it is a miracle, here I am writing about this years harvest which, although small, is more than enough for this household and will be much enjoyed.

How’s your harvest this year?


6 thoughts on “How’s your harvest this year?

  1. Lynne, I loved you longer post and your harvest images, what a fantastic variety of veg too! It must feel fantastic to see from seed to picking… I am imagining all the colours now, you have inspired me to go out and pop some seeds in the soil to see what might grow here , hopefully now it cools down a little, I am no where near your abundance of variety but you have inspired me to plant that first seed today… Thank you … and then to remember to water 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy.
      If I’d added an open courgette flower there’d be some yellow in there too..
      Looking forward to hearing about what you grow. Watering and feeding’s usually needed for some plants.
      Glad to be of inspiration! xx

  2. You seem to have done very well! My courgettes have been splendid with only two plants producing one a day (a bit much for me) and my beetroot were the nicest I’ve grown. The beans have been very disappointing, the carrots good, the chard great, the rapsberries disappointing and the strawberries would have been lovely if I’d been well enough to pick them at their peak. The other root veg looks like it’s going to be quite nice – they’ll have more room to grow as soon as I get the courgettes and beans out. I’ve had three cucumbers from two plants with two more on the way. The tomatoes have been very late, but I’m starting to get them ripening. May be too late though. It’s been extremely dry over here in Norfolk, we’re loving the few days of rain we’ve had this week, but we could do with some warmth to finish those tomatoes off now.

    • Thanks Jemima,
      My raspberries were disappointing too this year but I left some brambles which did better with a bit more rain. Well done with your beets.
      I’ve enjoyed some of the dry Norfolk days so don’t knock them 😉
      Good luck with the rest of your veg. xx

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